Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Welcome to Family Law > News & Views

Family Law > News & Views is an audio blog. Join me to discuss issues in family law, including:

Divorce decrees, and modifications of divorce decrees
Enforcement of divorce decrees
Premarital and postmarital agreements
Termination and adoption proceedings
Grandparents' rights

Click here to listen to our welcome message (2:11 minutes).

I'll often post by subject matter. Other times, I'll report on important new cases and legislative developments. Now and then - when I get worked up about something - I'll post an editorial.

Please email me any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. - jverner@vernerbrumley.com - or visit my firm online - www.vernerbrumley.com

This audio blog is available through iTunes as well as Blogger.

Jimmy Verner
Verner & Brumley, P.C.
Dallas, Texas


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